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Self-Employed Exemption

Self-employed workers who started working less than 12 months ago and those exempt from contributions who request the new support approved by the Government lose the exemption when that support ends, reveals the diploma published in Diário da República.

The request to grant support determines, from the month following the end of the support, the effects of the inclusion in the self-employed regime or the termination of the exemption “, establishes the decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers on Thursday. published at the end of the same day and which comes into force today.

At stake is the extraordinary measure to encourage professional activity for workers who “in March 2020 were exclusively covered by the self-employed regime”, indicates the diploma that includes several measures that aim to increase social protection in the context of the pandemic of 19.

Support that has a maximum limit of 219.4 euros (half of the IAS – Social Support Index) can be awarded to self-employed workers who have started their activity more than 12 months ago and do not fulfill the conditions set out in previous support, or who have started activity for less than 12 months or those who are exempt from paying contributions.

According to the diploma, the support lasts for one month and is extendable monthly up to a maximum of three months.

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