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Tax Justice

Among the measures approved, we highlight the creation of a reconciliation mechanism between the Tax Authority and taxpayers at the end of the inspection phase, so that taxpayers can regularize their tax situation by agreement with the Tax Authority [AT] “, can be read in the communiqué of the Council of Ministers released today.

Other measures include “the reformulation of the fine waiver and mitigation regime, making it simpler and more effective to apply”, and also “the strengthening of the right of auditors to taxpayers who request binding information”.

In April, the Tax Authority created the Taxpayer Support and Defense Services Department (DSADC), designed to receive complaints about injustices or irregularities in tax procedures.

DSADC’s mission, without prejudice to the specific competence of the other organic units, is to ensure that taxpayers support the exercise of defense rights, in particular by taking into account criteria for the risk of serious injury to taxpayers’ rights and the potential irreversibility of that injury ” , it reads in the ordinance published on April 20.

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